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I had made a video about this but you’ll never see it because Salman Khan is a vengeful man.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Should’ve known he doesn’t know what fair use is in copyright law. He barely can grasp the concept of regular laws.

So here are 3 Reasons Why Race 3 Hurts. 

I don’t know what I expected. I really don’t. I knew this was going to be bad but I didn’t think the movie would make me feel like someone is repeatedly yelling “YOU’RE STUPID!”  In my ear. 

Instead of doing a traditional review, I’ll just talk about the moments of this movie that felt most insulting. I’m gonna have to spoil this movie so if you haven’t seen it yet, keep reading because I can save you from this. 

1. All 11 Twists in Chronological Order

  1. Jacqueline and salman know each other. 
  2. Jacqueline working for the twins. 
  3. Twins betray Salman khan. 
  4. Bobby Deol betrays Salman khan and gets with one of the twins. 
  5. Jacqueline is a cop 
  6. Anil Kapoor betrays Salman khan 
  7. Salman khan is not dead 
  8. Anil Kapoor is the actual antagonist – killed the real father of twins and Salman khan. 
  9. Twins and salman khan are real siblings 
  10. Salman Khan knew about Anil Kapoor all along. 
  11. Bobby Deol is Anil Kapoor’s real son 

What makes a twist work is the unpredictability of it. The twist in Kahaani works really well because it comes out of nowhere and holds up if you look at it in retrospect. These twists felt like someone asked you for a high five, took his hand back at the last second and said too slow. Only they did it eleven times consecutively. The only difference being, no matter how much you want to, you can’t punch a movie in the face. 

2. The Editing

This movie is loud. It’s over-edited so it doesn’t feel like its dragging. It drags anyway because I’ve seen enough movies to be able to see through these things. Near the end, this film goes full on Ekta Kapoor. Theres a scene where Salman Khan and Jacqueline are in a truck and they artificially added shaky cam and it reminded me of that scene from Ace Ventura where he’s jumping in his seat while driving on a smooth road. Only the songs are competently shot because the director of this film is a dance choreographer. Everything else is really lazy. They had the money, but not the competence to make a good movie. 

3. The Writing 

It’s bad guys. One of the character has anger issues in the movie. Which leads him to doing stupid shit like breaking a bottle over his own head while fighting out of rage. This filled me with joy at first, and then there was an overwhelming existential sadness that came over me.

Also, there is a McGuffin in the movie in the form of a hard disk which has compromising pictures of some politicians which Anil Kapoor wants to use against them to get something in return. Here’s where things get stupid. He makes the politicians agree to meet him by sending them individual pictures of them with prostitutes before he has even opened the hard disk. If he had these pictures all along without the hard disk and they were enough to get them to meet him, why did he need further leverage?

Some Final Thoughts 

I guess if you really want to know how bad it truly it is go watch it and form your opinion, that is, if you still want to. The movie is a 3/10. Please don’t let Race 4 Happen.

Let me know what you thought of it because I was really hurt by this movie and it would give me comfort to know that I’m not alone in my pain. I’m gonna burrito wrap myself in a blanket and eat ice cream out of the tub.

Till next time.


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