Tuesday, November 20

Fun Fact: This script was originally written for a video while we were sitting in Starbucks. Why we bring in starbucks here is a thing for some other time. And trust us, it is somehow related to this topic. So, yeah, a virtual conversation.

As we mentioned that this script was written for a video easy while we were at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Delhi, so, let’s take a moment to figure out what actually led to this video script being written. We were actually just going around this amazing place called the Connaught Place and it was an amazing evening. The weather was good. Actually perfect. It wasn’t too noisy. But we noticed something peculiar. Something that has crossed our minds a couple of times, but we weren’t too sure whether to write or make a video about it.

We think it’s a really good time to make a video about this, so why not? Hence we went ahead and wrote the script.

Note- We never really ended up making a video because of technical difficulties. We will, soon. 

Imagine this situation. You have a phone. And you text your girl/ boy you have a crush on. And then what you do isn’t surprising at all. You put your phone to airplane mode. Switch it off. Put it in a drawer. Lock the drawer. Lock the cupboard inside the drawer. Ship the cupboard to Antarctica. And then wait for her to text back.

After a minute or two, get the cupboard back, find the keys. and you know the rest of the drill.

Why is his/her idea of a 2 am conversation equivalent to the concept of an existential crisis?

For this conversation alone, let’s call it a virtual reality. How many times have you said something to another person over virtual media because you thought it would be easier?

You probably didn’t even think too much about it before you told someone you like them, or that you don’t want to talk to them anymore over a WhatsApp message? Now that you think about it, saying something over social media or in a virtual space is a lot easier than a confrontation when you’re face to face. I think doing this doesn’t only make us weak willed, but also helps in disguising your true self in public. Saying something ballsy to someone’s face is a lot harder than texting them at 3 a.m and forget about it till they respond. It’s true.

People find it comforting that they don’t have to deal with the consequences of their words almost immediately and that the reaction can be postponed to the time at which they are prepared to either accept or disagree to the reply. Doesn’t virtual reality make us a more politically correct and safe version of ourselves? Someone who can’t make a grave mistake because they can always apologise for it later and expect forgiveness and not be subject to the rage or disappointment that the other person feels, in real time. Virtual reality connects us but also makes us a limited version of ourselves, where we only share the things that wouldn’t be confronted or something that is so offensive that one can claim difference of opinion over the internet and go about their daily lives outside the social media sphere?

Let’s digress and talk about the various effects of social media these days. I’m gonna go ahead and talk like an old man who was born in the 1940s and say that social media is making people forget how to have a good conversation. It is a bit insane but nowadays  I have started judging how good I am at having a conversation with the amount of times the person i’m speaking to pulls out their phone and starts doing something mundane. If  i’m able to sit through a dinner with a friend and not have them pull out their phone even once for no reason, I feel like a did good job entertaining them and that they generally had a good time.

I feel like we both were equally invested and had a shared experience. This for me trumps the feeling i would feel if someone interrupts me mid sentence to me a show me a video of a guy falling on his face while trying to ice skate.

Phones have ruined the quality of conversations that take place. And not only conversations. All experiences in general. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that while we we writing this script out in Starbucks, which was already quite late in to the night, we checked our phones around 30 times each and at one point, even made a phone call each.

And things just don’t end there. We, as humans are so into our phones and are so immature and so impatient that we keep on checking them for no reason at all, checking our phones to see if the person has read the last message we sent them over whats app or not. We check out phones to see the number of people who have checked our snap story. And to doesn’t end there. We also have to know who all have seen our snap story. The more virtual we make our lives, the more we are getting trapped inside this viscous cycle which is destroying the fundamental base upon which all human relationships develop and exist.

Social Media gives us fake sense of happiness. It’s all artificial. It’s superficial. It gives us a false sense of satisfaction and importance. At times, even an ego boost.


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