Wednesday, November 21
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I watched Mubarakan this weekend and I can’t really say that it is a bad movie. But what I can say is that it broke me. As I sat in the theatre and saw everyone around me laughing their asses off and having the time of their lives, I wondered why I couldn’t enjoy this movie like the rest of them? Instead of paying attention to the film I instead started wondering if I will ever actually be happy. Thankfully, I realised soon enough that it’s better not to open that door.

This is a really loud movie. And I don’t mean stylistically loud, I mean that the background score is often louder than the dialogue in the film and at times it is actually hard to hear what the characters are saying. This movie takes itself way too seriously at times and I lost count of the times something happened on screen and I said, “Really?”. What sets everything motion is this ridiculous sequence where someone in all seriousness uses the phrase “Jo mujhe kutta bole who khud kutta!”

The main characters Charan and Karan are played by Arjun Kapoor who isn’t bad in the movie. He’s actually a good actor and he does everything that the script lets him. Illeana D’Cruz is there in the movie and she can act and is pretty to look at so she plays an important role in the movie. Which is way better than the four lines Athiya Shetty gets to say.

Anil Kapoor was someone who I was looking forward to in this movie. The man is extremely talented and I wanted to see something along the lines of what he had in Welcome. Sadly, he ends up being the guy who gives a performance which is too good for the movie he is in. Rathna Pathak Shah is in this movie as well and she too is a really experienced comedic actor who was completely under-utilised by being cast in a non-comedic role.

I’m not saying it’s a bad movie but, you if you think about it just a little too much, it will prevent you from enjoying it. The editing is really lazy. Songs just start out of nowhere. They keep using sound effects from the early 2000s to remind the audience to laugh. Also, this movie is two hours and forty minutes long and after a point I just got tired of it.

This movie is best reserved for when you and your friends are up late at night and it is the only movie playing on TV at 4am and at that point you just want to watch something till you eventually fall asleep. I would say save your money and wait for it to come on TV.


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