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The Hindi Film Industry doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to horror films. Most of the horror films we produce have pretty much the same plot and even the same actors. Fortunately, t’s not the same with Pari.

This film features Anushka Sharma, Rajat Kapoor, Parambrata Chatterjee and Ritabhari Chakraborty.

I don’t want to get into the story too much because I think the filmmakers want you to have as little information going in as possible. All I’ll say is that there are definitely supernatural elements involved. It isn’t a psychological thriller as a lot of people were expecting it to be.

It does have a shit ton of jump scares though.


It’s around the second act where the film starts moving away from horror and becomes a story just about these people caught in a weird situation. I liked this a lot.

The acting all around is pretty good. Anushka Sharma doesn’t have a lot of dialogue but she isn’t limited by the absence of it. Her character has some really nice moments which were surprisingly heartfelt.

The film doesn’t hold back. It didn’t feel like anything was cut out or watered down. It gets pretty grisly when it wants to and I respect it for doing that.

The cinematography is pretty good and restrained. Nothing seems like it’s overdone in and in your face.

Only one song, which is an achievement for horror films in India. Most of the other Indian horror films are remembered for their music more than the film itself.

It’s got a pretty interesting plot. They don’t spell out everything for you right away. The film could’ve been better if they didn’t have an exposition scene near the end where the audience is systematically given all the information. But, I also understand why that’s in there. This film is already pretty inaccessible, keeping everything vague would’ve hurt this film financially.


All the prosthetic work on Anushka Sharma is great. But there is another character whose prosthetics look terrible. It looks overdone and really takes you out of the scene.

Rain. Thunder. We really need to get over this trope. There’s a lot of loud rain in the background and it’s really annoying. I don’t even think it rains this much in Kolkata.

The film could have been cut down by about twenty minutes. The pacing is okay but it was a little too long.

There are two dog deaths in this film, which is just not okay.

So go check this film out, if you’re a fan of horror films and Anushka Sharma. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it but I think this film deserves our support. Just don’t take your 12 year old kids. There was a kid who looked like he needed therapy after the movie ended.


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