Tuesday, November 20
I think all five-star establishments work on a basic level of understanding between the service providers and the consumers, that the service provider will provide unmatched service/ experience, and the consumer will shell out some incredible amount of cash. Pershawri, unfortunately disappointing. 
Peshawri was highly disappointing, almost in every aspect of the so-called ‘fine dining’ experience. We are a member of the ITC Club Culinaire, so we often visit Sonar for family dinners. More often than not, we end up eating at Dum Pukht, which would have deserved a solid 4/5 if it was not claustrophobic. This time, we decided to try Peshawri, and boy it was a mistake. 
I have nothing personal against the restaurant, it’s just that I can’t imagine paying so much for food and ambience which is not better than the food court at the mall next door. Everyone is more or less constantly howling at the restaurant, the crockery isn’t the most appealing, the cutlery is more or less absent, which isn’t really an issue, the jugs used for serving ‘in-house’ water have stains all over them and the seats were uncomfortable. 
I might be criticised heavily for saying all of this, mostly because people will dismiss my claims saying that ‘all this is part of the experience, and you should know what you’re signing up for’ but I refuse to accept that such a highly rated restaurant cannot update themselves with time. There are a lot of restaurants coming up in Calcutta, most of which provide far superior luxury, food and experience at a much cheaper price point. And I think, these places deserve more respect than places like peshawri, which is clearly still riding on the name and fame. 


Coming to the food, and drinks, we ordered four drinks, three of them were cocktails. They were okayish. We went for the full assorted kebab platter, which was alright. Nothing out of the extraordinary. I’d rather suggest you go for individual dishes. We ordered the Dal Bukhara, Chicken Kurchan and also the Pudina Parantha. The Dal was decent, the Kurchan was so salty that it overshadowed the taste of all other spices and please avoid the Pudina Parantha. It’s nothing more than a plain naan with dried pudina powder
dusted on it. It is very likely to send you into a good five-minute coughing session. 


For dessert, we order two kulfis and two rasmalais. The ras malai was pathetic at best. They were crumbling down and it was more of a deconstructed dish. They kulfis weren’t bad though. 


Don’t get me wrong here. Again, I have nothing personal against these restaurants. It’s just that when you’re paying this much, you expect everything to be good. You want the platter to be good. Why should one have to order only the famous dishes? 
The chef did come and apologise but it was too late into the meal and there wasn’t much that could have been done. Also, half an hour waiting time for food is almost ridiculous. 

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