Tuesday, November 20

A lot of times, I find myself wishing that I could throw the person I’m texting and his/her phone from the terrace of my building. Have you ever been in a situation where the person you are messaging is an absolute disaster to text? I’m sure you have and the worst part is, they never change. They are a unique breed of people who are happy being terrible at the art of texting. There are various types of ‘Terrible Texters’ and in this article, I’ll show you the few types of these texters I have encountered in my few years of using a smart phone.

The first type of ‘Terrible Texters’ are the slow repliers. Now these guys are either too busy doing something else or are just too cool to reply on time. If I text you at 8:00 P.M, I’m not asking for a reply by 8:01 P.M. But, when you reply to me 5 days later as if the conversation never ended, with a little smiley face, you are seriously pissing me off buddy. As the famous meme goes, “If I wanted a reply after 2 days, I would have sent a pigeon and not a text message.”

The next type of people are the ones who typ lik dis. It is prtty frstrtng 2 txt sum1 hu txts lyk dis r8? I understand that when smartphones didn’t exist, this was the easiest and the fastest way to text. But now there exists this magical tool called autocorrect that actually corrects your spellings for you!!! The most difficult part about texting such people is interpreting what they have said. Their texts are full of short forms and numbers and by the time I decode it, I would have gotten a hundred more messages of ‘wuts takn so lng?’

In my experience, the ones who have enabled the grey ticks instead of the blue ones on Whatsapp are seriously shady. Most of the time, they keep it that way so that they can reply whenever they want and you will never know if they have seen your message or not. They hide behind their grey ticks and enjoy the privilege of texting who they want, when they want to. If you were to ask them why they didn’t reply, they will give you the classic, “Oh! I never saw it!” Well, you can save your excuses because I’m not falling for that!

How many of you have randomly gotten texts from people you barely know on Facebook? Sometimes, we are friends with people on FB because we have so many mutual friends and we might have seen the person once or twice. The creepsters usually don’t creep you out initially. They start of slow by asking you questions about your classes, your day and then bang! They will show their true colors at the slightest chance. My advice would be to just not accept requests from people you don’t know. But, if you happen to do it and realize they’re creeps, BLOCK AWAY!

The last type of terrible texters are the most cold hearted people in this category; the ones who never reply. I can deal with late replies, horribly drafted replies and even a one word reply but the one thing that really really gets on my nerves is when they decide to not reply at all. I get that you have no time and have a hundred million things to do but at least have the courtesy to reply! And I don’t expect someone I barely know to reply to my texts but when a good friend does it, it hurts man!

So the next time you get the number of a really cute guy/girl and he/she txts lyk dis, you know what to do. And to those who don’t reply, I can play your little game too! Haha, if you guys feel there are any other types of Terrible Texters, do mention it in the comments below. Cheers!


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