Tuesday, November 20

If you take away any and all restrictions and ask Anurag Kashyap to remake Gangs of Wasseypur, this is what you’d get. This show follows a lot of the same beats as Wasseypur but it holds its own. Maybe I’m saying this because I love old school detective stories but this show is pretty good. And not just according to Indian TV show standards. It’s a pretty decent Netflix show. It’s not great, but it has the potential to be because the story isn’t over yet. 

So without spoiling too much here’s a bunch of stuff I liked –

  1. The Cinematography all through the series is amazing. It’s great to see some effort being put into the overall look and production of the show. This does help tolerate the slow pace of the show. It’s nice to see someone pay attention to the cinematography for once. I’m just glad it isn’t lit like most Indian TV shows where all of the lights on set are on at the same time.
  2. The Characters – The good thing about a series is that there’s a lot of room for growth for all of the characters. Also, this show establishes very early on that nobody is safe and they really do mean it. This adds a nice level of tension to the entire show. All the characters have motivations which are nicely spelled out for us because this is a show instead of a movie so none of the main characters stay one dimensional, give or take a very obviously evil Luke Kenny. 
  3. The Pace – Now this can be seen as either a negative or positive. This show has a slow pace. It takes its time to tell its story and I prefer this over there being a plot twist at the end of every episode just for shock value. There are times where you feel like the show is taking a break from the A story and following a B story. That’s just the creators channelling their love for Pulp Fiction. Everything is connected. Now this show wouldn’t hold up against Narcos or Breaking Bad. But don’t pit this one against those shows. Instead, compare it to any show on Colors, Star Plus or Sony and be grateful that Netflix could do this story justice. 
  4. The Soundtrack is pretty unique and Vikramaditya Motwane is great at using music to build up the tension of a scene. Theres plenty of that in the show to look forward to and I think the guys doing the soundtrack did a great job. 

Some of the stuff that disappointed me

  1. It wasn’t as action heavy as I’d like it to be but I think I’ve just been spoiled by shows like Narcos and Daredevil.
  2. There is one character in the show that I felt was written in a certain way just for social commentary purposes and I didn’t see why they needed that. 

But in the end, it’s a nice show where the stakes are real and when people die the stay dead. A lot of people die and this show doesn’t hold back at all. 

I feel like this show is also a big ‘Thanks for nothing letter’ to the CBFC because after watching it I know that there is no way this story would’ve seen the light of day in the form of a movie or a regular tv show. Thank you Netflix, for being so accommodating. 

7.5/10 – Looking forward to Season 2. 


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