Tuesday, November 20
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Veere Di Wedding. I’m not really sure if I have much to say about this movie because I watched it last night and I’m already forgetting things about it.

This is a movie about Kareena Kapoor getting married, and her friends are there. That’s pretty much it.

So Sumeet Vyas asks Kareena Kapoor to marry him and she’s like okay cool but not really. And then her friends decide to show up to help her get through the wedding. Sonam Kapoor is a divorce lawyer, Swara Bhaskar is a divorcee and somebody get this woman a nicotine patch because she really might have a problem which they don’t really pay too much attention to. And there’s Shikha talsania who’s father is still upset at her for marrying a non-Indian.

I went into this movie thinking that I’m gonna hate it because I watched the trailer and it felt like the whole movie was just a marketing stunt to get all these famous actress to say raunchy stuff to fill seats. I wasn’t completely wrong. Everything you see in the trailer is pretty much all the things in the movie that earned it an Adult rating, leaving out a scene or two. Other than that the story is pretty simple and not much happens.

I was entertained but also underwhelmed for the most part. Maybe it’s because I didn’t completely relate to any of the characters. But that’s just me. A good example of this might be that near the end of the movie, all the main characters get into a fight and just storm off and it was so hilariously weak. I’ve said worst shit to my friends for not doing the dishes. I’m looking at you Ajitesh.

It’s two hours and fifteen minutes long. Could have been shorter but it’s not terrible.


Dont take your toddlers.


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