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Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins and Stars Gal Gadot, Chris pine, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen and is the story is how Wonder Woman discovers mankind and takes it upon herself to help end the First World War.

Better late than never but I had to watch this movie twice before I ended up talking about it. I try to that with most movies that I feel like have a lot riding on them. This movie from the get-go had the task of ‘saving the DCEU’. Now even though in the past I have enjoyed most DCEU movies, these films are known to be extremely polarising. So according to me, that is this film’s biggest vice. It’s a good movie.


Despite its two and a half hour runtime, there are only three major action sequences, two of which are really great and a third one which gets too CGI heavy but still manages to entertain. The gaps between these action sequences are filled with scenes which help develop the character of Wonder Woman as she observes and gets used to the world around her.

The events that take place around her help her get rid of the naive and straightforward view that she has of the real world. And that is something which was nice to see in a superhero movie since most of them these days focus on quickly setting up the characters and rushing towards the action sequences. The action sequences feel like they have purpose and add to the story.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman herself isn’t the only great thing about this movie as the character of Steve Trevor – played by Chris Pine – is extremely entertaining. He also helps bring in a comedic aspect to the film and helps keep it light-hearted. He teaches Wonder Woman how the real world isn’t just black or white and that there are grey areas in every situation. I don’t see anyone else who could’ve played him better.

Wonder Woman



That all being said, anyone who is suffering from ‘Superhero Fatigue’ will find no comfort here. It is a textbook superhero movie so don’t go in there expecting anything other than just that. Despite its World War I setting, it doesn’t wander far from the Superhero genre. And the villains of this movie are pretty boring to watch. Everything they do is extremely evil and it gets tiresome to watch. They’re just stereotypical over-the-top characters and extremely forgettable as well.


It is a technically sound movie, except for the CGI heavy third act, this movie doesn’t have any inconsistencies and does the job it was meant to do well. It is the first good Female superhero movie and that is a great accomplishment in its own right. This movie makes me look forward to seeing her in future DCEU films.

This is a good movie. It is tonally consistent, there are no overarching flaws in the plot and it can be said that the character of Wonder Woman is handled with care and fully realised and is fun to watch

Grade: A-

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